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Saturday, June 12, 2021
God is SO GOOD; although I have ADD.

Your Diagnosis, Is it significant?


On this web page, I am mainly speaking from the standpoint of a spiritual relationship with the Lord. However as for treatment for a condition, then diagnosis is critical. But this web site isn't for the purpose of discussing treatments.

There is considerable similarity in the symptoms of several categories of disorders. I am including ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder), ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder), LD (Learning Disabled), Autism, Asbergers Syndrome, Bipolar, and Nervous Disorders. Probably there are others that I could include.

In many cases there is another co-existing condition, in addition to the ADD. For instance, in some cases Tourette Syndrome accompanys ADD.

Maybe ADD means "Any Doggone Disorder."

For one thing, they all have poor self-esteem problems. They all have difficulty getting their act together. They all have moods and sometimes experience depression. They generally are people with certain positive characteristics, such as feel things deeply. They generally have empathy for the problems of other people. I am well acquainted with an autistic man, who has tremendous spirit and enthusiasm.

I have been involved with a self-help, group therapy, organization for nervous patients,Recovery International. In Recovery, I knew some very sympathetic and enthusiastic people, who care about you. With nervous patients, some of the problems are more acute and disabling. Nervous patients often get such symptoms as dizziness, headache, and shortness of breath. Sometimes the depression of nervous patients and bipolar patients is so great as to interfere with functioning. Recovery kept me alive and functioning during a period when I was suicidal.


The next paragraph quotes the web site of, hence I give them credit.

Today, some experts believe that as many as 8 million adults in the United States are affected by ADD/ADHD. It is estimated that only 5 per cent of those are receiving treatment. Many of those not receiving treatment have found various ways of coping with symptoms in their daily lives. They may have incorporated behavior modification systems without even being aware of doing so. Or they may have partners who help them with structure or organization. Others may use self-medication such as caffeine to help them focus. Others may have felt their lives were out of control, through addictions or from drifting from job to job, living in despair.


By the way, the name comes from Dr. Hans Asberger, who discovered the neurological condition.

Social clumsiness is typical of Asberger's Syndrome. Negative feedback on their social behavior is hurtful (and this includes laughing at their actions). Sometimes they try too hard to fit in, and that causes them to be even more socially clumsy.

Yes, Jesus does love Asberger's Syndrome people too. However the negative fedback on their social actions probably have caused them to think that nobody loves them. If mortal humans don't love them, then how could Jesus love them??? But Jesus transcends human frailties.

As a stepping stone to a spiritual relationship, maybe an Asberger's Syndrome sufferer could take advantage of his/her ability to focus on intellectual topics and develop an interest in the Bible. That likely would be book knowledge of the Bible. Have some other Christians pray for the miracle that it become a heart felt love for Jesus.


As for mental illness, to some extent these similarities exist. While Jesus does indeed love the mentally ill, a severely mentally ill person cannot grasp that. While a mental patient is recovering, he/she might acquire a spiritual appreciation of Jesus's love (and prayer from other believers is encouraged for this).

The Bible reports some healings of Jesus (i.e., foaming at mouth and fits); however that was long before today's diagnoses. Maybe it was epilepsy. Today, just interpret the Bible story as Jesus has hope for you, regardless of condition.


I bring this up partially for the benefit of older persons who were once diagnosed with a label that is seldom used today.

As long ago as 1902, impulsiveness was recognized as a medical condition. The diagnosis label changed several times during the 20th century. The "ADD" label came along about 1980. Especially cruel was the early 1960s label of "Minimal Brain Dysfunction" -- anybody told that would be bound to believe that he/she is stupid.

Bipolar formerly had the label "manic depressive." Somebody once told me that the "bipolar" label likewise came along during the 1980s.

Regardless, Jesus loves you.


A real problem for people with ADD or something related is this -- inaccurate diagnoses and lack of definitive diagnoses. Around November, 1998, the news media gave much attention to this problem, when articles appeared in such publications as The Wall Street Journal. At least authorities know more about diagnosing than they did decades ago. My lifetime habit patterns are accurately described by the book on ADD, Driven To Distraction, by Hallowell and Ratey. It does not take a "rocket scientist" to tell whether a person has the habit patterns.

In addition, there is the money problem of paying for any diagnoses there are. Neurologists and psychiatrists are high priced specialists. I have seen an estimate of $700 for a battery of tests -- and I wouldn't doubt any higher cost figures. Adding to the problem is that ADD persons are handicapped in their ability to earn money. Managed care increases the problem. When I approached my then family doctor about tests for ADD, his response was, "You don't want to open that can of worms." That doctor is a participating provider in managed care, so he is under pressure to keep costs down. HMO's are mainly profit making outfits. The total result of these situations is that finances force many disordered persons to make an educated guess about their conditions.

By the way, years later I got a diagnosis from another doctor, after I became a Medicare patient.

No wonder only about 5 per cent get treatment.

There is a controversy side to ADD diagnoses. During the 1990s, ADD was called "The Excuse of the Nineties." Whether Ritalin is overprescribed depends on whom you talk to. Novartis has even been accused of inventing the ADD label to help them market their Ritalin product; however I doubt that. This controversy does tend to cloud any ADD diagnoses. But if you think of yourself as a God's beloved creation, you can put yourself above this controversy.


Most of all, spiritually it does not matter all that much, whether you are ADD, ADHD, LD, autistic, Asbergers Syndrome, bipolar, or nervous disorder -- or even mentally ill. I could even include so-called normal persons. Regardless, Jesus loves you. Regardless, God created you as a special creation to add your unique contribution to God's kingdom. Even if doctors humanly have a problem with accurate diagnoses, spiritually our omniscient God knows all about you. Psalm 139 describes very well that The Lord knows you. In fact, you are special in God's creation. ADD and related persons have positive traits, such as empathy, sympathy, enthusiasm, inventiveness, and see things from unique perspective. This is just what the Lord can use in his kingdom.

Let your light shine, as per Matthew 5:16.

I grant you that diagnosis does indeed have a bearing on your treatments. I am speaking spiritually that diagnosis doesn't matter. I do also know that Recovery International abstains from getting into what is your diagnosis.

ADD and related persons especially need to hear certain spiritual messages. This is to counteract poor self-esteem and to help them be special servants or disciples for the Lord. ADDoration Ministries hopes to address these needs. Jesus reached out to outcasts, such as tax collectors.


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<*(((>< your ADD brother in the Risen Christ,
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