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Saturday, June 12, 2021
God is SO GOOD; although I have ADD.

This page is an intermediate page, before you reach the web site of International headquarters of Walk To Emmaus. I am putting the link in, because "My Background" mentions Walk To Emmaus. To me, Walk To Emmaus has changed my life and has greatly inspired my walk with The Lord. However I cautiously put in the link, because Walk To Emmaus is not suitable for just anybody. Some ADD persons would be ill-advised to go on a Walk To Emmaus weekend (I'm speaking as a Walk To Emmaus member). However there also have been a number of ADD persons who benefitted greatly from Walk To Emmaus -- including ME.

I was on Men's Walk #2 of Garden State Walk To Emmaus, in southern New Jersey, in May 1993. In 1996, I helped start Skylands Walk To Emmaus, in northern New Jersey. After 1996, Skylands was mainly my Emmaus community. I have served on six teams for conducting Walk To Emmaus weekends. For years, I facilitated the e-mail prayer chain of Skylands Walk To Emmaus. More recently, I moved to South Jersey and returned to Garden State Walk To Emmaus involvement.

Certainly my spiritual life was changed by my three day Walk To Emmaus pilgrimmage. It has helped me view Christianity as primarily love. Walk To Emmaus was especially instrumental toward my fervent belief in the "One In Christ" principle. My spiritual life has also become more structured, since Walk To Emmaus. Jesus has now become a way of life with me.

Walk To Emmaus is ecumenical. It is a division of The Upper Room (the same organization that publishes daily devotional booklets). Perhaps United Methodists might be in the majority, because that denomination promotes the movement more than others. There also are many Presbyterians, Lutherans (both ELCA and Missouri Synod), Baptists, Reformeds, Episcopalians, and Roman Catholics who are involved with Walk To Emmaus.

Walk To Emmaus is patterned from a Roman Catholic movement called Cursillo. Tres Dias is another ecumenical movement patterned from Cursillo. Roman Catholics are also welcome in either Walk To Emmaus or Tres Dias.


I don't intend to discourage all visitors to this web page. I just mention some cautions here.

As is sometimes said at their sponsors' training, "This is not a you-all come program." I cannot personally know whether you would fit in, because I have not met you.

The thing for you to do is check the web site, by clicking the link toward the bottom of this page. While visiting the site, click the link for locating the local Emmaus communities (arranged by states). The web site gives names of persons to contact in the local Emmaus community. Some local Emmaus communities have their own web site, and there might be a link to the local site.

Once you locate an Emmaus community, contact that person, and request that he/she suggest a sponsor. You would need to meet with the sponsor. The word "sponsor" might give you trepedation. Meeting with the sponsor might seem like interviewing for a job -- and you suspect that the job interviewer is looking for a reason to not hire you (or rather, to not sponsor you). But instead, you would find that your sponsor is very loving and a new friend. Your sponsor tends to respond, "Great, here is another prospect." And your sponsor desires that you grow in Christ. But still, it is possible that the sponsor might advise you to pass up Walk To Emmaus, and instead seek other spiritual growth activities.

Your sponsor might say, "Let me first pray about whether to encourage your registration."

Sponsors sometimes advise, "Not at this time, because I don't believe you are ready for this."

Here is a better idea. Suggest that during the next six months both you and your sponsor pray about the idea. This would be in lieu of registering for the next walk. During the next six months, God might reveal more definitive guidance. Maintain dialog with your sponsor over the six months.

Before my Walk To Emmaus weekend, I remember my sponsor saying to me, "You are being prayed for very well." To that, I responded, "Oh, really ???" Today, I well appreciate what my sponsor meant.

If you are married, your sponsor likely would want to speak to both you and your spouse. Walk To Emmaus wants to avoid the situation that the experience becomes a wedge that could divide husband and wife. It does sometimes happen that only one spouse goes on a Walk To Emmaus; however we need to be sure that it wouldn't create a problem with the other spouse. It often is a blessing when both husband and wife are involved with Walk To Emmaus.

Walk To Emmaus is not for a person's initial conversion to Christianity. Instead it is for a person who is already a good Christian. It is for making a good Christian become a better Christian.

If a person is going through a personal crisis, such as divorce, death of a loved one, or loss of employment, he/she ought to wait until a future time, before going on a Walk To Emmaus. The temporary crisis is too likely to interfere with the person getting the intended benefits of the walk.

Walk To Emmaus advises against "church hoppers" joining them. A "church hopper" is a person who habitually changes churches, because he/she doesn't like something in that church.

"Wait until God's timing" is often said among Walk To Emmaus persons.


Elsewhere on this web site, I very much caution against cults. Rest assured, Walk To Emmaus is not a cult. In fact, Walk To Emmaus is a bastion of mainstream Christianity. The leadership of Walk To Emmaus is very concerned that some persons could get the impression of being a cult.

During the weekend, pilgrims are requested to not have any contact with the outside world, such as family or workplace. Cults likewise demand no contact with outside world. However, this "no contact" is only during the three days. Cults demand a permanent no contact with outside world. But with Walk To Emmaus, after Sunday evening when the three days are over -- have all the contact with family that you want. Here is the reason for no contact with the outside world during the three days -- a telephone call would likely interrupt the pilgrim's prayerful interaction with The Lord. A pilgrim's focus is not to be diverted to "Why won't his wife's car start." For something like a spouse's car won't start -- the sponsor is supposed to help with that situation.

Also of concern is that there are some planned surprises during the weekend. Unfortunately some Walk To Emmaus persons are too zealous about maintaining the surprise -- and this gives the impression of secrecy. Many astute Christians are suspicious of any secret organization, because that too is evidence of a cult. Instead the Walk To Emmaus planned surprises are like a birthday gift. You wouldn't want to be informed what you are going to receive as a birthday gift. The planned surprises are very special workings of The Holy Spirit. But in truth, it isn't so bad to learn about the surprise ahead of time, because experiencing it is much more awesome that learning about it.

That Walk To Emmaus is mainstream Christianity means that it isn't a cult.


In total view, prayer guides the entire Walk To Emmaus program, including who registers for a weekend.

Click here for the web site for International headquarters of Walk To Emmaus. This web site would explain to you what Walk To Emmaus is all about. It can help you locate the nearest local Walk To Emmaus community.

Your ADD brother in Christ
Lester Hemphill
Founder of ADDoration Ministries