ADDoration Ministries
Friday, July 30, 2021
God is SO GOOD; although I have ADD.



Essentially my vision is "whichever way the Lord leads me," along with which doors that God opens.

I need to keep the vision down to averageness and realism. This is in contrast to that many ADD persons have grandiose ideas. When the grandiose ideas cannot happen, that causes problems. Remember that I have ADD. At any rate, I start small and then it is wherever the Lord leads me.

This is a shoe string operation. This web site originated on an eight year old Macintosh, using a shareware HTML editor (PageSpinner). I thank a generous donor who converted the PDF files. I should hire an ADD coach, but I have not because of money.

One of the reasons for discussing my vision that it might cause God to open doors for me. Maybe a visitor to this web site might know of contacts that could open doors.

A web site is the first move for ADDoration Ministries to reach the world and have any impact on anybody outside of whoever crosses paths with Lester Hemphill. It is to encourage ADD persons, along with persons of other disorders, to reflect on that he/she is a precious in God's eyes and that Jesus loves him/her.

But a web site cannot "save" anybody. A web site can only suggest means for a person to seek salvation and spiritual nurture. A web site can influence a person to look for evidence that God's awesome power has much love. But even more significant is that a web site can only convey words. A web site cannot show voice inflection nor gestures, and that is a significant part of showing love. What a person needs is to cross paths with persons who let their light shine to demonstrate Jesus's love, in face to face dialog. Believers commonly see the face of Jesus in other people -- and it would be a tall order to expect that in a web site.

A book speaks of "Relational versus Informational." Relational is more effective. I admit that web sites, as a generalization, are informational. A local church is more likely to be relational, especially if the church is spirit filled and caring.

Paul wrote this, as for the limitations of a web site.
2 Corinthians 3:6 "who has made us competent to be ministers of a new covenant, not of letter but of spirit; for the letter kills, but the Spirit gives life."

I have reflected on the idea of the web site having a bulletin board or chat room. Presently, I don't feel God leading that way. ADD persons have a tendency to be blunt, tactless, and hurtful, when telling it as it is. I am dubious that a bulletin board could evolve into a flaming forum. But ADD persons can also be very compassionate and eager to help. I have not felt guidance on how to regulate the bulletin board into being a flame-free means to God's grace. We would need for the bulletin board to be for building up and not destroying. In addition, there is a confidentiality concern about bulletin boards.

I have also reflected on presenting seminars, or having weekend retreats. In order for me to pull that off, I would need the support of other people. I couldn't do it by myself (both humanly speaking and the need for God's help). I would need other people to publicize it, to handle registrations, and to raise funds to defray expenses. A musician (maybe a guitar, a portable electronic keyboard, or a piano) would be appreciated, because singing helps establish the spirit of any spiritual gathering. Please pray about whether you are in a position to help make it possible for me to present a seminar or retreat.

I would be glad to present a talk about ADD to any church group or gathering of Christians. If the location is more than a two hour drive from Whiting, NJ (in Ocean County), I would appreciate reimbursement for expenses. The talk would help me confirm my spiritual well being.

Here is a significant element about presenting talks, seminars, or retreats. Then there is the possibility of my demonstrating Jesus's love when speaking face to face. However, I would need prayers, because I am powerless to do that on my own without the Lord's help. Your prayers would be appreciated, for me to be an instrument of Jesus's love. Without God's help, my human condition is a tendency to try to "knock them dead."

If I do any speaking, please bear in mind that I also have Tourette Syndrome. Therefore you would need to forgive any involuntary facial expressions.

 As for writing a book, it would be a miracle if God opens any door. These days, in order to interest any publisher, you have to be famous, like Chuck Swindoll, James Dobson, or Billy Graham. That is not in my vision. As for subsidy publishers, they often are a rip off.
As for local Christian share groups, you would need a method, such as the twelve steps like AA, or a will-training method. Walk To Emmaus share reunion groups have a definite structure. The method is needed, in order to keep the share group on track. I have not developed a method. To just get together to chit chat, that is of questionable benefit. However, perhaps prayer could guide even a "just chit-chat" share group to be fruitful. If you desire to get a group of ADD or other disordered persons together for Christian sharing, that is your prerogative. Perhaps you might seek out an AA friend to mentor you in getting a twelve step group going. Your pastor might have ideas for you. ADD support could come from such organizations as CHADD or ADDA; however those organizations shun anything spiritual.  More recently, I have found that CHADD has some excellent local support groups.  In fact, I participate in a CHADD group.  CHADD can be reached by clicking here.


Finally, yes I would like to hear from you, about your sharings and concerns. If you know of contacts that could open doors for ADDoration Ministries, I would be glad to hear from you. However I need to practice wise stewardship of my time. Therefore I cannot promise you any response to your e-mail. That I didn't respond doesn't mean that it wasn't wanted. Remember that I have ADD. As an ADD person, sometimes I need to suppress my tendency of an exaggerated sense of duty. Also I have a life to live outside of ADDoration Ministries.

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In summary, the vision of ADDoration Ministries is whichever way that the Lord leads me, in encouraging ADD persons, and other disorder persons, to have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.


<*(((>< your ADD brother in the Risen Christ,
Lester Hemphill
Founder of ADDoration Ministries