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Saturday, June 12, 2021
God is SO GOOD; although I have ADD.

One in Christ, Elusive


Paul certainly spoke of the desirability of One In Christ -- and so did the Gospel John. One In Christ is generally elusive, because of the human tendency to focus on the differences between denominations, along with other differences. Also we tend to hyperfocus on "Make sure that it is the right belief." But we are brothers and sisters in Christ, so let's focus on our similarities. The sacrament of Communion should unite all believers, but division over Communion has existed for centuries. The mode of baptism isn't so important, and I was raised Baptist. The most glaring division is over whether the Bible is to be interpreted literally. Many devout Christians see priceless wisdom and beauty behind the literal word or the not-so-literal word. Toward end of document, I get into that such issues as homosexuality are divisive -- and division is an abomination too.

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