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Friday, July 30, 2021
God is SO GOOD; although I have ADD.


 This indicates a Christian web site.

CHADD (Children & Adults with Attention Deficit Disorder)
ADDA (Attention Deficit Disorder Association)
National Resource Center on ADHD

ADDitude Magazine, Bob Seay editor

Rejoicing Spirits (a ministry reaching out to people with intellectual and developmental disabilities)
Spirit Of Hope, Jerry Seiden
Harbor Christian Fellowship (a church specializing in recovery from various problems)
Christian ADHD
How should a Christian view ADD and ADHD?
Faith and Values dot Com
Ask questions about the Bible.

Paul Meier Clinics Mental health counseling that is Christian Bible based

Spiritual Counterfeits Project
Truth about The Book of Mormon
Promise Keepers (a well-known men's Christian support organization in facing a wide variety of problems)
Setting Captives Free (60 day interactive courses in gaining Christ-centered freedom from such problems as pornography, drinking, drugs, and smoking, plus marriage and teenage problems)
Christ centered 12 step programs
Overcomers Outreach (a bridge between church and 12 steps).
Christians In Recovery (recovering from almost anything, with focus on 12 step programs)
International Christian Recovery Coalition (also a focus on 12 steps)
Alcohol Rehab Help (also gets into 12 steps)
Alcohol Rehab Help (more general information about problem drinking)
Addiction Helper (in United Kingdom, Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland, and Ireland)

America's Keswick Colony of Mercy (a residential Christ centered addiction recovery facility)
A New Beginning (Self Help Recovery From Alcoholism and Drug Addictions)

Wealth of information about alcohol or drug addition, along with rehabilitation

Find Local Non Profit Free Addiction Treatment Resources Near You

Truth About Drugs Guide

Drug Addiction Rehabilitation Resource
Emotions Anonymous
Recovery International (Dr. Low's method for recovering from nervous disorders and other disorders)

ADDvantages Learning Center
Learning Disabilities Association of America
National Center For Learning Disabilities

Guide to paying for college for students with disabilities
Maryville University College of Students With Disabilities

Parents working with teacher and school

AHEAD (Association on Higher Education and Disability
ADD Consults, OnLine ADD Clinic, by Terry Matlen, MSW, ACSW
Dr. Edward Hallowell, MD (co-author of "Driven To Distraction" and "Delivered From Distraction" with private practice, Hallowell Center, Sudbury, Mass, also former Harvard Medical School prof.)
Order Hallowell book, "Delivered From Distraction" (Getting the most out of life with ADD), published 2005
Order Hallowell book, "Driven To Distraction" (Recognizing and Coping with ADD), published 1995
If you want only one Hallowell book, get "Delivered From Distraction".
CACMH (Center for the Advancement of Children's Mental Health), founded by Dr. Peter Jensen
How to start a support group
Support groups article in ADDitude Magazine, by Bob Seay
Eileen Bailey's ADD newsletter
Adult ADD General Characteristics
Signs of Possible Adult ADD
When To See a Doctor About ADD
Diagnostic DSM-IV Criteria of ADHD
ADD Diagnosing, Frequently asked questions
Adult ADD children living at home with parents
Women with ADD
Tips for Everyday Life With ADHD
My life is a mess !!!
Paralysis Of The Will
I do NOT have ADD !!!
Self-discovery Journey
ADD and Giftedness

Finding A Career That Works For You
Overcommitted? -- Tips for Saying "No"
ADHD and Bipolar
Does this treatment work?
Treatment working progress tracking chart
ADD Coaching, A Bridge Over Troubled Waters list of coaches for ADD
List of coaches in ADDitude Magazine
ADD Coach Academy. They can recommend a coach. Web site is slow loading.
Experience ADDvantages Members coach one another through forums, that are moderated by ADD coach, Jennifer Koretsky.
New Jersey ADD contact, Dr. Bob LoPresti

Birth Injury Guide
Depression and Bipolar Support Alliance (DBSA)
(formerly National Depressive and Manic-Depressive Association )
Help For Depression

Sleep Help

ADHD and sleep
Bipolar sufferer created this reaching out site.
Autism Society of America
Society for the Autistically Handicapped (SFTAH)
Center For The Study of Autism
Asbergers Syndrome
National Alliance for the Mentally Ill (NAMI) ADD library, Eileen Bailey Bi-polar library, Kimberly Bailey & Marcia Purse Depression library, Nancy Schimelpfening Autism library
Depression or anxiety -- Sin does NOT cause it.
(then click "articles" button) Alcoholism library, Buddy T. forums memberships
Sumbuny's Home Hutch (mother of special needs children) (with one "D")
ILOVEJESUS.COM (The web community for Christians!)
Living The Solution (A Christian web site with a wide variety of spiritual resources)
The Love Report (A variety of Christian resources focusing on God's love. The webmaster has a quadriplegic son.)
Joyce Meyer, TV evangelist (Her web site has a wealth of practical spiritual help.)
Upper Room daily devotional (free e-mail subscription)
Sheep People (a personal friend with a Christian web site)
A web site for healing prayer requests, or for praying with them (or read about some of their miracle results)
Another prayer request forum with moderator Tony Roof
Presidential Prayer Team (for president of United States)
Father's Love Letters
Labyrinths (a meditative tool)
Walk To Emmaus

<*(((>< your ADD brother in the Risen Christ,
Lester Hemphill
Founder of ADDoration Ministries