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Friday, July 30, 2021
God is SO GOOD; although I have ADD.



ADDoration Ministries is essentially a Christian outreach to present Jesus to persons handicapped by ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder). It also reaches out to persons of other disorders, such as ADHD, LD (Learning Disabled), autism, bipolar, alcoholism, Asbergers Syndrome, and nervous conditions. It even will reach out to so-called normal persons. Spiritual needs are similar for anybody; however they are greater for disordered persons.

It is presently a one man ministry, by Lester Hemphill, who has been ADD handicapped since childhood, plus a nervous condition, along with Tourette Syndrome. Lester grew up in a Christian family, but had wayward alcohol soaked young adult years. Then Lester had a mid-life conversion that has vastly revealed Jesus's love and power. Lester is a layman (not ordained); however he believes in Martin Luther's concept of "Priesthood of All Believers." You might call ADDoration Ministries a part of The Body of Christ that reaches out to persons with disorders.

ADDoration Ministries is non-denominational and desires to influence persons to just become believers in Christ. If you are curious about Lester's church affiliation, he is United Methodist, but he has some American Baptist background.

Presently ADDoration Ministries is just a web site. However Lester has reflected on other brainstorms, that you can read about in the web page "Vision For ADDoration Ministries." 

Lester recognizes that a web site has limitations, as for an evangelizing medium. A web site cannot replace face to face meeting, and it can only give information. Any heart conversion must be from an experience elsewhere besides the Internet. But a web site CAN encourage you to pray for God to lead you to the heart conversion.

By the way, the Cloud County Community College Director of Advisement and Counseling is a different man, who also is named Les Hemphill. Interestingly he also is on the board of directors of the Kansas chapter of AHEAD (Association of Higher Education and Disability); therefore he too is involved with ADD persons (probably to a greater extent than I am). The name similarity is coincidence or God-incidence.

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<*(((>< your ADD brother in the Risen Christ,
Lester Hemphill
Founder of ADDoration Ministries



This website has been around for 9 years.  ADDoration Ministries today remains just a website.  It remains a one man ministry; although I believe that a person can't effectively be a lone ranger Christian.  Throughout these 9 years, I reflected on the future of the ministry, as indicated on the page "Vision For ADDoration Ministries."  I have been telling people that the ministry is headed wherever The Lord leads me.

I am certain that there is a Christian need to reach out to ADD/ADHD persons.  Knowing ADD/ADHD like I do, I am sure that a great many ADD/ADHD persons are either atheistic or agnostic, because we tend to not believe unless we see proof.  A great many ADD/ADHD persons have not perceived any proof that God loves us; although there is plenty of proof out there.  ADD/ADHD persons need experience in observing that proof.  This applies to other religions to.  I encourage Jews to reach out from a Jewish perspective.  I encourage Muslims to reach out from a Koran based perspective. Allah is God in Arabic.

Need doesn't always coincide with interest.  I sense that there is the need, but not the interest. Matthew 9:37 "The harvest is plentiful, but the laborers are few."  I have found very little interest both in The Body of Christ (including within my own denomination) and also among ADD/ADHD support activities.  Christian organizations do much outreach, but they have forgotten the ADD/ADHD.  Perhaps Christians label ADD/ADHD persons as Samaritans.  ADD/ADHD organizations eschew the spiritual component of ADD/ADHD persons, figuring that their spiritual life is their own business.  Of consternation to many Christians is that some ADD/ADHD authorities promote Eastern meditation techniques, that are occult to Christians.  Prayer can be meditation too.

During these 9 years, ADD/ADHD support has advanced greatly.  There are so many new ADD/ADHD support activities, that I cannot keep up.  When you search for an ADD/ADHD support activity, I now recommend that you use Google, instead of the links page of this website.  Knowledge about ADD/ADHD has greatly advanced.  Even the name has changed to that professionals now call it "ADHD."  But "ADD" remains the vernacular name.  ADHD coaching has advanced to that credentials have developed.  I formerly believed that just anybody could hang out his/her coaching shingle.

I still desire to help ADD/ADHD persons through my writing; however my interest has evolved to that changes in the political and business world put ADD/ADHD persons at a disadvantage.  There is a biblical reason that I have added very little to this ADDoration website -- the commandment "You shall not create a graven image."  God has spoken to me that this website could become an idol to me, along with the foremost focus of my discipleship.  Several times a perceived new idea has come to me for this website, but I find that I have already covered that idea.  Perhaps that is evidence that God prayerfully guided me in writing this website.  As for my new writing interests, I probably will do blogging.

Finally I have entered the era of my life where I am hampered by old age, as well as ADD/ADHD.  I am now 81 years old, and I will turn 82 next June.  I now use a walker to stabilize my walking.  I remain active in my church.  Next April, I will be serving on a team for ministering to seniors with a Walk To Emmaus offshoot called Face To Face that is tailored to seniors.  I pray that my physical condition allow me to remain active for years to come, until the day when I am called to my eternal home.  I will then be able to say, "I have lived a good life;" although ADD.

God is in charge.

 <*(((>< your ADD brother in the Risen Christ,
Lester Hemphill
Founder of ADDoration Ministries